inmates dancing during the event

miss shimo la tewa crowned

travelers beach hotel team  serving lunch.

For the first time in history the Coast Woman Magazine East Africa team partnered with other organization and stakeholders to give back to the society as an act of Corporate Social Responsibility that was accompanied by a fun day activity   of modeling dancing motivational talks and free breast cancer screening with the inmates at the shimo la Tewa women prison in Mombasa County.

This memorable event was to encourage   women in prison to have hope and courage and still believe there is still life one has to live in those confined walls, and one should have clear and positive mind and never lose hope in life.

The event also brought the challenges faced by the women correction officers while dealing with children accompanied by their mother; they were offered psychological support and counseling services.

 Women do faces some challenges and hardship in prison such as extreme distress which may sometimes lead to mental health problems, greater demand of medical services and counseling services, others need to withstand the entry shock by adopting quickly the prison life, and fear of deterioration.

It was this  time we gave them  hope and courage to the inmates’ by spending just one day with them, interacting with them we discover they had such amazing talents and creativity ,they also hand make and produce sweaters, dolls, dresses, table mart  that they were sold during the event.

The most amazing and impressive part was how the staff and prisoners blended together for this incredible event.

 The women prison also sang and dance to break the monotony of prison life and had a chance to laugh and dance and interact with visitors, luo , luhya and giriama traditional dancers, dancing competition took the guest with a lot of excitement, as their faces were light up by this inmates credible dancing trends.

Among those were in attendance included the founder and C.E.O. of  the   Coast Woman Magazine Faiza   Bajaber, a woman of substance, Fatma Awale as the guest of Honour ,  who is the Mombasa County Executive Committee Member, motivational speaker Wafiyyah  Hamid and Leila awale, Esther  Ingolo, Jamila AL-jambry and Nadia  who were among the judges during modeling session.

Our special gratitude goes to the great sponsors who sponsored the event and made it more colorful and full of glamour ; Travelers Beach Hotel,Kitui flour Mills, Elan Nutrition and wellness’ ,Sea gas ,Cake Emporium College of confectionery  Arts , Stratton, Tristar, Well care, We For She, Jocham Hospital ,Khangadelic and Ijaka designs.

The event kicked off as the schedule time, elcaboos Coast woman photographer started with a word of prayer, and motivational speakers of the day Leila Awale and Wafiyyah Hamid were on stage with inspiring stories of encouragement hope and positive thinking.

‘’change your thoughts you change yourself” word that was frequent used by Leila Awale during her motivational speech.

She encouraged women inmates that they should be able to walk out of prison and be better persons.

Wafiyyah Hamid gave her own story as a major example how she overcome   depression after been rejected in organizations while applying for employment and society, as a psychologist despite the great experience and knowledge that she acquired during her practice.

Adding that most people in Mombasa do not recognize psychologist don’t believe in therapy, while the number of people committing suicide and those suffer from Anxiety increases every day.

She also highlights how women become traumatized compared to men who are in prison.

Health talks by well care organization, who gave a talk on Tuberculosis among the prison inmates since the place was crowded the inmates had a chance of question and answers during the session, Jocham Hospital had a chance with the inmates where they provide free screening of breast cancer over 29   women prisoners were screened during this day.

Fairbain Ombera officer in charge Shimo la Tewa Women Prison urge that society should not stigmatized and isolate our sisters   because most of them are reform and become responsible citizens.

Adding that the societies have a negative attitude towards the release inmates and they fill that they are suffocating in this world.

‘’We encourage Kenyans to pay a visit to the Shimo La Tewa Women prison ‘’ she added.

Women prison had a chance to parade and showcase their modeling skills for the modeling competition where by ten were among the competition and only one emerge to be the Miss Shimo La Tewa.

During the catwalk session Khangadelic and Ijaka dressed the inmates’ models with their beautiful elegant designs. Mitcheal Njeri 20 years old  was crowned Miss Shimo La Tewa.

As I had a chance to interview this beautiful crowned model, saying that she once model to cater for her daily needs before been at the prison, at City Mall Supermarket one of the best designer wanted show case her line designs, but she wasn’t it to it that much.

‘’I never expected to be the winner as it was a tight competition’’ she added.
 She believes she can take these skills to the next level when she is out in prison, the third and second runners up were Elizabeth Bahati and Hanifa Nzaka.


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